Birth and Newborn

Birth and Newborn Experience

I offer two different types of birth photography: 

1.) On call to capture from approximately 8cm all the way through labor and post labor.  I am on call for you and am ready to drop everything when the call comes. Birth photography is an extremely emotional and an experience you never forget.  I am there as an almost invisible observer to capture the little moments you won't remember - the way your husband holds your hand, kisses your forehead, the looks on your faces the first time you see your baby.  Those first moments are priceless and deserve to be frozen in time - baby's weight, baby's first footprint, when you feed the baby for the first time.  

2.) Fresh 48: If you want birth photos without having someone capture the labor and actual birth, Fresh 48 is perfect for you.  This is where I come to you while you're still in the hospital (or wherever you gave birth) and do lifestyle photos of your new baby.  A few common photos taken during Fresh 48 that can not always be taken at Birth are: siblings meeting the new baby, family visiting, baby's first bath (hospitals now wait to give baby the bath unlike in the past).  

Both Birth and Fresh 48 sessions take a lifestyle approach and are only done where you give birth.  A common question I get is if you have one of those, do you still need to have newborn portraits done and the answer is absolutely

There is SO MUCH happening during and directly following a birth which is why I take a lifestyle approach to the photography.  During a newborn session, a mixture of lifestyle and posed is done - depending on your personal preferences.  We will discuss your needs prior to the session as well as any themes, colors, and anything else you may want to incorporate into the session (family heirlooms, for instance).

Newborn portraits are done in the first two weeks after birth, optimally between 5 and 10 days old.  


BIRTH: Birth Story and Edited Full Resolution Digital files on USB drive - $1200

FRESH 48: Approximately 1.5 hours of lifestyle coverage post birth and edited full resolution files on USB drive - $250

NEWBORN: Approximately 2-4 hours of lifestyle and posed portraits of newborn under two weeks old.  Includes 10 digital files via download. - $250 



Baby's First Year


I only accept a select number of Baby's First Year clients and current Maternity/Birth/Newborn clients have top priority.  

Baby's First Year: 4 months, 8 months, 1 year (cake smash). Each session includes 5 digital files plus an album at the end of the year.  - $1000


Maternity-Baby's First Year Packages: 

Maternity + Birth + Newborn - $1400 (savings of $200)

Maternity + Newborn + Baby's First Year - $2000 (savings of $350) 

The Works! Maternity + Fresh 48 + Newborn + Baby's First Year - $2400 (savings of $500!)  

Have questions about packages?  Want a personalized package?  Contact me and we'll chat!