Your experience doesn't begin with your session, but rather way before. It begins right now!  Before you even decide to contact me, we are having our first interaction.  You have seen my art and gotten to know me a little… maybe there was something that caught your eye and you have the same interests.  Maybe you can see yourself grabbing some coffee with me while chatting over the latest episode of Scandal.  (I am obsessed!) Now it is my turn to get to know you!   Contact Me


Once you fill out the contact form (please do so in its entirety as it makes the process so much easier!), I will reply within 24 hours during normal business hours (Monday thru Saturday 10am-8pm).  After our email correspondence, I will give you a call whenever is best for you where we will discuss your basic needs and expectations.  From there, we will schedule an in-person consultation.

The in-person consultation is one of my FAVORITE parts of the booking process.  Why?  

1. If you tend to be shy in new situations, photos may come out awkward and uncomfortable.  Having an in-person consultation means any awkwardness is gone as we already know each other.   

2. Meeting in person allows me to go over each aspect of pricing including my full print pricing menu.. that way there is zero confusion and everyone is on the same page.    

The in-person consultation takes place in a locally owned small business such as a coffee shop.  I love supporting other small business owners!  (If you follow me on Instagram, you may notice I will use #shoplocal #shoplocalraleigh whenever I can.)   

As soon as you decide to book me, I will walk you through the contract, show you the full pricing menu (to avoid that pesky confusion!), then to seal the deal, collect the retainer.  

New Client

YAY!  You are now a #KLeAnnBride and #KLeAnnCouple.  I am SO excited to have you!  

Soon after you sign the contract and pay your retainer, you will receive an email with the client guide (a digital version of the printed one in the consultation) as well as a questionnaire so we can get some basic new client details (and a few fun things too!).  Before your session, we will either meet, exchange emails, or talk on the phone to design your session.  I help you pick out a color scheme that goes with your decor and then coordinate your outfits.  Basically, this is the part where I fulfill my fantasy of being a fashion stylist. When you look good, the photos look good, and then everyone is happy, happy!  

Your session will take an average of an hour to an hour and a half.  I will post an average of 2-3 behind the scenes/preview shots on social media.  Two to three weeks after your session, we will meet again, at your choice of an in home or in studio to reveal your portraits.  I will show you samples of my archival quality products and walk you through the ordering process.   

What are you waiting for?!? Contact me so we can begin this journey together.